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Did you know?

We are a family ran farm that has been serving the freshest of produce to Oregonians for over 30 years. We have farms in Canby, Dayton & Dundee, Oregon. Our goal is to bring customers produce that is fresh and local everyday.

Why choose us

Getting produce that is fresh everyday is hard to find in this day and age. Let us show you what a real tomato, a fresh head of lettuce, a fresh picked berry, and more, ACTUALLY tastes like. We strive to bring our customers produce that is straight from the fields into their hands, as if our farm was in their backyard.


Our retail business for produce started very small in the 1980's and we have grown so much since then. We went from having just a small tent set up in Lake Oswego, Oregon to expanding to 4 fruit stand locations across the metro area. We are a constantly growing farm operation. We are also keeping up with modern fruit and vegetable varieties to keep our customers happy with the richest of flavor to our produce.

Our advantages

Being a family based business, our connection with you is personal, and not through a corporate, impersonal connection. We care about your input towards our produce, and we want to try our best to bring you the freshest of what we grow. Also, the produce at our stands is consistantly cheaper in price than the grocery store, AND, a lot fresher.